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Lawrence Fic

I went down to Arabia to see and consider its great men.

T.E. Lawrence Fiction and Art
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This is a community for the posting and discussion of fiction related to T.E. Lawrence (a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia). Long stories, short stories, vignettes, poetry, and drabbles are all welcome here. Any content genre may be be posted including drama, adventure, humor, angst, crossover, alternate universe, gen, het, and slash.

In addition to fan fiction, other forms of fannish expression are welcome such as artwork and vids.

If you post or are recommending a fic, please include a movie style rating or at least let people know if they are going to be reading any adult content.

It is okay to include the first few lines or first paragraph of the fic, but if it is more than a drabble or short poem then LJ-CUT or link to your story. DO NOT paste thousands of words into a non lj-cut post. If you have no idea what lj-cut means, please look at this in the LJ FAQ.

If you are looking for broader postings on Lawrence and his life, you should really be over at te_lawrence.

And if you are looking for icons, you should be over at lawrence_icons.

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