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12 March 2009 @ 01:58 pm
Fic: A Simple Question  
First time posting!  Hello!

A Simple Question
Author: galaxylei 
Words: 260
Rating: G

Summary: A response to a scene from the film: "Who are you?"  A call from across the bank.  Lawrence answers, in various ways.


"Who are you?"

I am Lawrence, he had once said, and it was enough. The world, it seemed, knew his name and what he had done, and it was a time in which a name was a message, a reminder, a promise of deeds to come. A name was the representative of a man, carried the weight of a man, of his honor and worth, and was not said lightly. A name, just as easily, could be an undoing. I am Lawrence, he said, and told everything that was needed to be known.

I am Lawrence, he said, to stall for time, to wait for instructions, expectations--an encouragement or dismissal, at which point he will learn how he is to build upon this, so that when next he says it, he will have given this meaning. It is a time for actions, and words are only a placeholder, filling the air while men strive to carry out their purpose for which they have been chosen. It is said by wise men, by old men, who do nothing now but talk, that no man can truly choose his fate, that all things are written--have always been, always flowing, steadily, toward their eventual end. I am Lawrence, he said, with every intention of proving them wrong.

I am Lawrence, he said, the one constant, one certainty when all else crumbled under the pressure of unfulfilled dreams. I am Lawrence, he said, because he knew of nothing else to say.

I am Lawrence, he said, wishing he knew what that meant.


never moon a werewolfvalmora on March 12th, 2009 09:49 pm (UTC)
I like the way this piece traces his emotions towards himself (in the form of his name) through the course of the film. I love your narrative style, how it flows.